Ryan Deugan is a Florida based writer with a love of science, martial arts, food, and quantified fun(ie, game mechanics).

Ryan has been writing for more than fifteen years. He fell in love with storytelling at a young age, but didn’t decide to make a career of it until college. There, he gave up studying Biology in order to get a degree in English. He considers this to have been a wise decision,  as he has written two complete books and science has yet to produce even one complete person.

His interest in interactive/collaborative fiction began with his first experience with tabletop role-playing, where he fell in love with the idea of a shared experience between players and the game’s creator. Since then, he has run hundreds of games, played in about half that number, and gone so far as to create mechanics for his own game systems as well as augmenting and adding to existing ones.

He has written two books, the first of which, Merry Death, is available through Amazon.com for the Kindle. His second book, Dead Ringers, is available here as both text-only files and a serialized podcast. He’s working on his third book, I, Wood Parrish, which is in its alpha stage. Further updates on all these works can be found on this blog and by following Ryan on Twitter.

Ryan has dabbled in different game engines, scripting and level editing software, including Valve’s Source Engine, the UDK, Neverwinter Nights’ Aurora Engine, and Bethesda’s Construction Editor and GECK. He also has experience with 3D modeling and animation programs, namely Softimage XSI and 3D Studio Max. He is currently teaching himself programming in C++, as well as the HTML and CSS to put together this web site.

He maintains this site as a growing collection of articles on game design, fiction (interactive and non), and his own misadventures in breaking into the industries of writing and game development.